About the website, photos, authenticity and decorating with prints.

When Mrs. Grovenor had her business, she would travel to her client’s offices or homes with multiple portfolios, filled with prints. The individual prints were inside folders which provided a sort of frame, with the inventory number and often handwritten notes about the print somewhere on the folder. This website is intended to have that same feeling of a personalized showing. Each category represents a portfolio, and the main six categories are subdivided into groups that might go together, often groups of prints from the same book. Some prints are in double folders and sold as a pair. All of these may be purchased individually as well.
They are viewed either in a closed folder, to get an idea of what they might look like when framed, or in an open folder, to show the edges and flaws. Often the flaws, especially tape marks and fading around the edges will be hidden once the print is framed. If prints are photographed in a closed folder in the gallery, there is usually another photo in the store section that shows all the edges and the entire page of the print. If you would like to see more photos of any print you might be interested in purchasing, please contact us. It is very easy to send more photos by email, or even text. Certain flawed prints have been discounted by 40%, but they can still be framed and provide a beautiful historic piece of art.
When these prints were created by engraving or lithography in the 18th and 19th century, there was no “certificate of authenticity,” obviously. We do not create any of those kinds of documents for you. Our business has a very well-established reputation for honesty and integrity. We offer a full refund on any purchase for any reason within 90 days of purchase. If you ever feel for any reason that your print is not authentic or has been misrepresented in any way, please let us know immediately.
Please remember that all purchases of 5 or more prints get a 50% discount. Groupings are a lovely way to decorate, and prints can enhance any room. They also make great wedding gifts, baby gifts, housewarming gifts, and gifts in general. Prints are seen in offices, hotels, convention centers, country clubs, as well as in every type of room in private homes. Specific groups make perfect additions for specific needs. For example, military soldier prints are adorable in a nursery for a boy. Fashion prints are lovely for a woman’s bathroom or dressing room. Fruits obviously enhance any kitchen or dining area. Any of these prints automatically bring a touch of history and elegance to whatever and wherever they might be. Enjoy!

What are prints?

50% discount on purchases of 5 or more items. Use coupon code 5ormore at checkout.

Please email [email protected] or call (901)249-7875 to make an appointment to view the entire collection including our collection of framed prints.  Framed prints are not available for shipping. We are located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.