About our Business

Many will remember Grosvenor-Evrard Imports which sold antique prints to interior decorators throughout the South and other parts of the US in the late 1980's and 1990's. Martha Kate Grosvenor ran the business. She obtained the prints from her son-in-law Walter Evrard, a native Frenchman who lives in France and is married to daughter Anne. Mrs. Grosvenor's other grown children became sales representatives and framers. Her husband also participated as traveling companion, bookkeeper and accountant. The business was truly a family business, which thrived in the American South and other parts of the United States for over a decade. Katie Grosvenor Hutcheson has now taken the lead, with support and help from Anne and Walter, to revive the family business online and in Memphis with the remaining inventory from her late mother’s estate. Walter will once again supply prints from France as they continue the beautiful legacy of Martha Kate Grosvenor and her family in the newly established company Grosvenor Estate Shop

Katie Grosvenor Hutcheson

Anne and Walter Evrard

Martha Kate Grosvenor

1929-2015 Her legacy lives on.

Midsouth magazine article

April 2007

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Please email [email protected] or call (901)249-7875 to make an appointment to view the entire collection including our collection of framed prints.  Framed prints are not available for shipping. We are located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.