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Antique and Vintage Prints

The Grosvenor-Evrard Collection. a collection of antique prints from the seventeenth century and later, including lithographs and hand colored engravings
Purchase online or by appointment in Memphis, Tennessee

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Creatures Gallery

We have over 300 unframed prints, divided into 6 galleries.  The CREATURES gallery features  animals, birds, fish and shells. Scroll down for more galleries.

View the Creatures gallery

Plants Gallery

The PLANTS gallery includes flowers, botanical, and fruit. Scroll down for more galleries.

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View the Plants gallery

Places Gallery

The PLACES gallery includes Paris scenes, ancient Greece and Rome, architecturals and maps. Scroll down for more galleries.

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Things Gallery

The THINGS gallery includes design books, decorative objects, furniture, drapery, carriages and ships. Scroll down for more galleries.

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Military Gallery

The MILITARY gallery includes fencing, soldiers, battles, and a Napoleon series. Scroll down for more galleries.

View the Military gallery.

People Gallery

The PEOPLE gallery includes portraits, scenes, fashion and costumes.   Scroll up to browse the other galleries.

View the People gallery

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Please email [email protected] or call (901)249-7875 to make an appointment to view the entire collection including our collection of framed prints.  Framed prints are not available for shipping. We are located in downtown Memphis, Tennessee.